Harvest #1 Review

Posted On: August 2, 2012
Written by: El Blanco Gigante
Image Comics
Harvest #1


Story: AJ Lieberman
Art: Colin Lorimer

Dr. Benjamin Dane’s life is on the quick track to hell. He’s a surgeon with a drinking habit and as he put it in the book, “a semi-professional drug habit”. Two qualities you want in a surgeon. Dane’s life goes from bad to worse when he lets a patient die in his O.R.

While his life is crashing, another surgeon wants out. He wants out of the world of organ harvesting. Sadly when you’re involved with people who have no qualms about trafficking people’s organs you’re only way out is usually a gun shot to the head, which his assistant was more than happy to provide.

The story is told through a series of flashbacks. You have Dr. Dane in the opening stopping at a 7-11 type store to buy all the bagged ice they have. He arrives back at some warehouse looking space. There he has a “patient”; a man who apparently has money who offers a cool million if he is freed. Dr. Dane calmly reassures the man that he can’t do that.

From there you get a look at how Dr. Dane gets to where he is. We see our good doctor partying with a couple of hookers, drinking and doing drugs when he gets a page to report to the ER. A woman has been in a serious traffic accident. Complications arise from Dane’s night of partying and the patient dies.

Faced with the loss of his job not to mention his license and a pending lawsuit, Dr. Dane is recruited by the people that were harvesting organs from the beginning of the book. Before he can say whether or not he’s interested he passes out from a face full of blow.

This was an awesome book. The story was dark, creepy and would make a great premise for a series on a premium cable channel. The art matched the mood perfectly. I am absolutely all in on Harvest. I look forward to finding out how far down the proverbial “rabbit hole” Dr. Benjamin Dane goes. I definitely recommend picking this book up.

I give Harvest 4 Magnificos! out of 5

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