Deadpool – The Webseries Episodes 1 and 2

Posted On: January 24, 2013
Written by: Juan Daeho

Chris R. Notarile has started his fan film Deadpool webseries, which he wrote and directed. Here’s what he said about the series.

The “Deadpool” series is designed to show life through the eyes of Wade Wilson. He is insane, the world is not. Thus, there is room for a certain amount of wackiness, humor and antics, but clearly everyone around Deadpool is not “in” on his jokes. I wanted to make it very apparent that only Deadpool knows he’s a fictional character. And if you were to remove him from the picture, this series would actually be more melodramatic and serious. I think adding Deadpool into any mixture creates a certain amount of fun.

The approach I have for Deadpool is pretty simple- I am not going to portray him as a moron. He’s a lovable asshole. And I think you have to always remember that when doing anything with him. He’s as deadly as he is funny. He has to know how and when to step up his game and get serious as well as when to break those tense moments with humor and snark.

With that being said, thank you for watching our first episode and reading along. I hope you enjoy the rest of this series as it unfolds.

Deadpool The Webseries

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